A Plethora of Projects

Let me start by saying I’m busier than I have ever been. The knitting business I started to make a little extra money for Christmas presents now keeps me knitting every day. Currently, I’m booking out at about 3-4 months, which never ceases to amaze me. Lest there be ANY question, I am so grateful for my customers, and being able to spend my days doing what I love.   

The thing is…lately, I have come across sooooo many projects I want to knit outside of my orders. There’s the Milkweed sweater I’m occasionally knitting in the evenings, after my official work day is over. I’m on track to get that finished in time for my trip to Scotland, and that makes me super happy. I still want to knit the sweater and skirt set for Dolores for the trip. (Dolores is a stuffed sheep. While the garments are small, they’re also knit on teensy needles…they aren’t going to go quickly.)   

Instagram is proving to be a foul temptress when it comes to new project ideas. There are several designers whom I follow, and there are moments where I honestly wonder if they are designing just for me. BECAUSE I WANT TO KNIT ALL THE THINGS. My subconscious just can’t seem to let go of these delectable items. I wake up in the morning, having spent the night dreaming about them. In the cold light of day, I remind myself that I have obligations to my customers, and get back to work. (And, for the record, I really do love knitting the things I’m making them!) Just when I think I’ve wrestled temptation into submission, these seductresses post a discount code for whatever pattern is invading my dreams. I manage to spare the briefest of glances in the direction of the wagon of which I’ve fallen off as it drives off into the distance, then immediately focus on my shiny new patterns and start fantasizing about what yarns I will use to knit them.   

In the last few weeks, I have bought three of Bristol Ivy’s patterns. One of them – her Mt. Katahdin Cowl – I bought the yarn for back in October while on my birthday beer and yarn crawl through her home city of Portland. I’m going to bring that as my airport/plane ride project next month. It’s a one-skein project, there’s no reason I won’t knock that out pretty quickly. Bristol (in my mind, we’re on a first name basis…yeah, I’m not going to come off as creepy or weird AT ALL when I take her short rows class next month) released a couple of new patterns recently that have seized upon my imagination. One is for a cardigan that uses several different techniques I have been wanting to practice. The other is for a swoncho – part sweater, part poncho – that is fast becoming all the rage in the knitting world. Bristol’s version is intricately cabled. Hello? How could I not buy that? Cables are my THING.   

To add insult to (purely psychological) injury, my favorite website, Mason-Dixon Knitting, is now in full swing with their annual Bang Out A Sweater KAL. This is a group knit-a-long (KAL) project, where knitters from all over commit to knitting a sweater from start to finish in the month of February. I’ve never participated, due to usually being busy with orders, and this year is no exception. And what are they knitting this year, you ask? A CABLED SWEATER. DESIGNED BY ARGUABLY THE GREATEST CABLE KNITTER OF OUR TIME. So, yeah. I haven’t felt this left out since second grade when all the other girls in class were invited by the boys to wear their little league hats, and I wasn’t. (Why no, I’m not bitter 40 years later…why do you ask?)   

Which brings us to where I began this post, before the increasingly random tangents.  In the last few weeks, I’ve bought five new patterns, none of which I really have the time to make. I was beginning to have a giant pity party for myself, and then I remembered something. I’ve always been like this with new patterns. I get all excited, buy the pattern (and occasionally even the yarn to make it), and then life gets in the way. I have dozens of projects that never even got started, let alone finished. (Hence the size of my yarn stash.) That realization actually made me feel tons better. I’m not actually missing out on anything. I can store all of these project ideas in Ravelry or Pinterest, and eventually get to them. 

Or not.    

And that’s okay.  

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