Happy Endings

It’s done.   

Let me rephrase that: IT’S DONE!!! There, I think that captures the feeling a little more accurately. I accomplished my number one knitting goal for the year!   

Last night, I finished the Abayomi. With a week to spare, no less!  I love every bit of this garment. The length, the detail, the fabric. There were more moments than I’d care to admit where I thought it would never happen…but it’s done, and it was worth every single moment I spent knitting it.   

This project definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I have never been a lace knitter, and this pattern was certainly challenging for me. (I never did manage to memorize the 30-stitch by 32-stitch pattern repeat…but by the time I was working on the final lace panel, I was able to tell immediately if something was not right. So there’s that.) I also haven’t made an item this century that required seaming of this nature...but Berroco’s website had me covered, with fantastic video tutorials that completely eliminated my feelings of intimidation.   (Still, I didn't expect it was going to take me a full day and a half to sew it all up!)

Next week, I’ll be wearing this at the WEBS 2018 Knitting Retreat. I fell in love with this duster when I saw it on display at last year’s retreat, but never thought I could find the time to make one for myself. I’m so glad I did.   

Now all that’s left is to find the perfect outfit to wear with it. 😉  

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