Crunch Time

Twenty days.   

I have twenty days in which to finish the Abayomi. That is, I only have twenty days to finish it if I want to achieve my goal of knitting it and wearing it to the WEBS 2018 Knitting Retreat on September 13.   

Last night, I finished my final outstanding order. And in so doing, I set a personal record: two XL blankets in eighteen days. It didn’t hurt that they were both Sullivan throws…that pattern knits up a little faster than some of my other Irish clan patterns. As of this morning, my number one customer is ME. I am dedicating all of my time to finishing this project (which I haven’t touched since June 18).    

Complicating things slightly is a planned trip to Maine over Labor Day weekend for my dad’s first ever pig roast. Plus, on Labor Day, one of my cousins is coming from Scotland to stay with us for ten days. He flies home the same day I head to WEBS. Oh, and school starts on September 5, and since my carpool buddy is sending her son to a different school this year, I’m doing all of the driving myself – that works out to about two and a half hours of driving each day. So…I really need to focus on knitting between now and August 30, because I will have major distractions/time commitments after that.   

Theoretically, I should be able to finish the remaining knitting in that time. And I should still be able to knit some even once Nick is here and Spencer is back at school.  I’m just kicking myself that I let this goal get right down to the wire.    

No matter. I WILL get this done!  


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