Streaming Along

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I spend a lot of time knitting. A LOT. On an average day, I’ll knit anywhere from 8-10 hours. I can count on one hand the number of days each year where I don’t knit at all, in fact. Hell, I even bring my knitting on vacation.    

While I knit, I usually watch TV or movies. Sometimes I’ll knit and listen to podcasts or audiobooks.    

Thanks to the golden age of media in which we live, there are a multitude of things to watch and/or listen to as I knit. Between Netflix, On Demand, CBS All Access, and Prime, there are always TV shows and movies both new and old to watch. Recently, I’ve dipped my toe into the world of podcasts. When I’m on vacation, I listen to audiobooks as I knit. When I get bored with one medium, I can easily switch to another.   

Once I settle on a TV show, though, I tend to binge. Lately, I’ve gone retro: the original Law & Order series (20 seasons to choose from!), M*A*S*H, WKRP in Cincinnati. As much as I’m enjoying them, I must admit that I’m struck by the level of casual racism, misogynism, and homophobia that was prevalent in 70’s-90’s television. In season one of M*A*S*H, they had a black character named Spearchucker,  for christ’s sake. Seriously. (During it’s 11-year run, the show did evolve and try to project an anti-racist message…at least by 70’s/80’s standards, anyway.) Episodes from the early seasons of Law & Order are depressing in their treatment of rape victims – even with video footage showing a rape taking place, the privileged, white, teen rapist still gets the benefit of every possible doubt. In each of these shows, the writers time and time again dip into the well of gay jokes for a cheap laugh. It’s jolting every time one of these outdated attitudes rears its ugly head on screen. Watching these old shows reminds me of how far we have come as a society, and also of how much further we have to go.   

This week, I’ve switched over to the last two seasons of The Flash. From there, I’ll catch up with the other DC superhero shows (Arrow, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl). Talk about how much the world has changed – those shows feature gay couples, strong female characters, and racial diversity.  It’s a welcome change.   

After that, who knows where I’ll end up? Podcasts, maybe? There’s one on my to-listen list that covers the Watergate investigation – not usually my kind of thing, but the reviews are stellar, so I’ll give it a try. I’ve been intrigued by reviews of Anna Faris’ Unqualified podcast, so maybe that’ll be my next destination. Or maybe I’ll just listen to The Martian, by Andy Weir AGAIN (god,  how I love that book!).   

If you have any suggestions for TV shows, movies, books, or podcasts to keep this knitting machine going, I’d love to hear them!   

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