Pressure Warning: Deadlines Approaching

Knitting is supposed to be relaxing, right? Therapeutic.   

Then why did I commit to deadlines and stress myself out? Because I’m an idiot, I suppose.   

I just came back from a 2.5 week vacation. I brought my knitting with me, because for the last two summers up at the cabin, I have been able to both chill out AND knit successfully. This year was different. Perhaps it’s because I only had half the time I normally have up there, and I wanted to spend as much time with friends as possible instead of knitting. Or maybe the weather was too nice, and I wanted to be outside. Or maybe I just needed a break from knitting. 

It doesn’t matter. Whatever the reason for my slacking off, the result is the same: I have a shit ton of knitting to do now that I’m home.   

Remember those lofty goals I set myself back in January? One was to enter (and win…what the hell was I thinking when I said that?!?) the Topsfield Fair with an original blanket design. The other was to knit the Abayomi duster and wear it to the WEBS Knitting Retreat in September. Those deadlines – which were comfortably far away when I set them – are fast approaching. Too fast for my comfort.   

I had hoped to knit a significant chunk of the Topsfield Fair entry while at the lake. And I did…if you consider 14 rows to be significant. (FYI? It’s not significant. Not even a little. It’s the bottom border. It’s 14 rows out of a total of 316 rows. It’s 2,800 of 63,200 stitches. In other words, NOT SIGNIFICANT AT ALL.) Not only did I not get much of my entry piece knit, I didn’t even finish the Sherwood Throw I intended to complete up there. Thankfully, I finished that yesterday, so that’s off my plate. I have another ten days to work on my entry before I have to turn my attention to an order for not one, but TWO, XL Sullivan Throws. 

For the Fair, I decided to knit up a Bradford Throw, since I loved how that design turned out. I’m knitting it on a smaller needle for a tighter knit. So far, I’m not thrilled with the stiffness of the tighter knit, but if they hang it up for display, the tightness will work to the piece’s advantage. (At least, that’s what I’m telling myself, rather than tear it all out and start over.) In any case, I need this done before I leave for WEBS on September 13, because it has to be submitted that weekend. (That’s another thing stressing me out…either I drive back early from WEBS on Sunday to submit it in person, or I find someone to do it for me. Neither option really appeals to me.)   

Then there’s the Abayomi. I need that done by September 13. As in knit, blocked, and seamed. I haven’t touched this project in nearly two months. I have the back and one of the front panels complete. I need to do the other front panel and the sleeves. I’m guessing I have a good 7-10 days of knitting left on that project. Oy vey.   

Okay, so all of this is theoretically doable. But there’s not a lot of wiggle room, and the lack thereof makes my stomach hurt every time I think about it.   

So…I guess I had better stop blogging and get back to knitting. 

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