Knitflix and Chill: Marvel Edition

When I was a kid, I loved comic books. I spent a good chunk of my allowance on all kinds of Archie comics. The various superhero comics on the spinning comics rack at my local convenience store, however, were something I looked past to find a copy of the latest Richie Rich. In high school, my friend Chris tried to introduce me to the X-Men, but I just didn’t see the appeal – that was still the case until many years later, when my then-fiance took me to see the first X-Men movie. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie. Was I instantly converted to comic book culture? No. But I was always happy to go with him to the various X-Men movie sequels.   

Eight years later, I had seen every X-Men movie with my husband (some better than others), when he dragged me to another comic book movie: Iron Man. Never having read the comic, I didn’t expect to like the movie at all. Boy, was I wrong. I came out of that movie amazed. I loved everything about it – Tony Stark’s amazing engineering skills, his super-sweet Malibu house, the shiny red and gold suit that could FLY. The second the movie came out on DVD, I got a copy. Ten years later, I’d estimate I’ve watched it about thirty times. Seriously.   

When The Incredible Hulk came out, I couldn’t wait to see it. Edward Norton was a favorite actor of mine, and I simply loved him as Bruce Banner. And the bonus scene at the end with Tony Stark? I squealed at the thought of getting another Iron Man movie. (My comic-loving husband had to explain to me that scene foreshadowed a movie about The Avengers…whatever, I was psyched at the idea of Edward Norton and Robert Downey, Jr. together on screen. To this day, I’ve never quite forgiven Mark Ruffalo for taking over, despite how excellent he is in the role of Hulk.)   

It didn’t take too long before I was more excited at the news of yet another Marvel superhero movie coming to a theater near me. I saw nearly every single one in theaters – the only one I missed seeing on the big screen was Captain America. Even when I thought I wasn’t going to like a movie, I ended up loving it. I mean, who the hell were the Guardians of the Galaxy, anyway? What do you mean there’s a talking raccoon…?  Seriously? And it was GENIUS.  I saw it in theaters three times, endlessly listened to the soundtrack, and bought the blu-ray the day it came out. The opening credits are cinematic perfection. Chris Pratt dancing through the ruins of an ancient city could not be more awesome.   

I knew going into Avengers: Infinity War that one of the superheroes was going to be killed. Despite my determination to not read any spoilers ahead of time, I had heard not everyone makes it out alive. I was sadly convinced that it would be my beloved Iron Man who would die…after all, I’d read several interviews with RDJ over the last year or two, where he said he figured he was aging out of the part. As much as I didn’t want to see him go, I couldn’t miss the biggest assembly of superheroes on screen.   

The final shot of Infinity War grabbed me in a completely different way that all of the comic book fans in the theater, though. When the camera zooms in on the pager Nick Fury dropped to the ground, comic aficionados all knew what that meant. As I’ve said, I was never a Marvel comics girl. But I gasped when I saw it for a totally different reason: my immediate reaction to the graphic on the pager was, “Oh, my god…I can totally knit that.” It was only after I got home and read that week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly that I learned that graphic is the logo for Captain Marvel.   

I’d be willing to bet I was the only person who walked out of Theater 20 thinking, “I need to knit something based on that final shot in the movie.” For the last eight weeks, I haven’t been able to stop thinking of designing a knitting pattern around the image on that pixelated pager screen.   

This past weekend, I finalized the design for a Captain Marvel wrap. I’ve decided that to knit it up properly, I must watch the Marvel movies as I knit. My brother-in-law and I collectively own all of the Marvel movies save one (the original Thor movie), and he lent me the four titles I don’t already have. I’ll buy Thor when I get to that point on the list.   

I had hoped to watch a movie a day, and knit up my Distress Call Shawl along with it. (Okay, so it’s more wrap than shawl…but I like the rhyming nature of the name, LOL.) Yeah…that didn’t happen. I’m forever optimistic that I’ll do a certain amount of a particular project every day, and rarely follow through. So far, I’ve done my i-cord cast on (385 stitches…which in and of itself took three hours) and the 41 rows of blue stockinette that bring me up to where the chart starts. I’m knitting the starburst in white angora. All right, sure -- on her suit, Captain Marvel’s sunburst is gold. But in the distress graphic, it’s white…and I like it better that way. Plus, I already had more than enough white angora in my stash!   

When Brie Larson appears on screen as Captain Marvel in March of next year, I’ll be first in line…wearing my wrap.    

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