La La La...I Can't Hear You...!

Last night, I noticed a message in my Ravelry inbox. I don’t often receive messages there, but when I do, they usually fall into two categories: someone asking for help with their Azel Pullover (even though I’m not the pattern’s designer), or someone asking to buy yarn out of my stash (even though it’s all marked as not for sale).   

Last night’s message was totally different. It was from someone who is also working on an Abayomi duster. She had discovered an error in the lace pattern and was graciously sharing the correction.   


I’m more than 25% finished with the project. The entire back piece is finished.  I’m partway into one of the front panels.    

Should I tear it out and start over…?   

Of course not. (Did you really think I would????) I’m more than two months into knitting this. I’m not about to start over.   

Besides, I only see the pattern error if I reeeeaaaaallly look closely. I doubt very much that anyone else is ever going to notice.    

I think I’ll just pretend I never got the message, and keep going.   

Problem solved.

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