Moving On

The back of the Abayomi is finished!   

To be honest, part of me is a teensy bit surprised I made it this far.   

When I started this project, you may recall the first day didn’t go so well. It took so long to do the first six rows that I wondered if this project would end up in knitting purgatory…barely started, yet perpetually unfinished. Since I had shouted from the rooftops of the interwebs that I was doing this project, I felt a kind of accountability to see it through. AND I AM SO GLAD I PERSEVERED. The project got easier the more I worked on it. By the time I was about 8” into the back, I had the hang of the lace panel that was my biggest challenge going into the project. (I still haven’t managed to memorize the entire key, but I have 90% of it memorized, so glancing down for the two graphics I can’t seem to get to stick in my mind isn’t that big of a deal.)   

As I continue knitting the Abayomi, my biggest challenge has changed from knitting the lace sections to finding the time to work on it. While I promised myself that I’d spend an hour a day on it six days a week, and a half day on the weekend, I haven’t followed through…which is why it took me six weeks to finish the back. There was almost a whole week where I couldn’t knit anything at all due to flu. After I recovered, I made up for lost time on orders by skipping my Abayomi knitting. Last week, between Easter prep and other obligations, I didn’t touch it at all. I did get some serious time in on the project while at Stitches United, thanks to half of my classes being cancelled at the last minute…that glitch allowed me to get in about another 12”, which brought me into the armhole shaping.    

Yesterday, I finished an order ahead of schedule – as in finished, photographed, packed up and ready to ship by noon. Since I hadn’t touched the Abayomi in over a week, I decided to spend the rest of my day working on it. Not only did I finish the back, I got started on the front left panel. Somehow, moving onto the next piece gave me certainty that this project will be finished. So much so that I went onto Berroco’s website to watch videos on finishing techniques. (For anyone who hasn’t gone into Berroco’s online learning center, DO IT. DO IT NOW! They’re an amazing resource!)   Right now, it feels like this project is going to fly from here on out…assuming I allow myself the time to work on it a little bit every day without guilt!    

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