Out of Focus

I’m having a tough time focusing this week. I don’t know why.    

Usually, I’m laser-focused on my knitting…especially my orders. I love marking my orders as completed in Ravelry. But for the last several days, I’ve been jumping from project to project, accomplishing very little on any of them. At several points, I put all the knitting down and decided to just bake something instead (today it was bagels).    

For the shop, I’m working on a unicorn hooded blanket. If I could just sit down and focus on it, I could have it done in a day. But the customer specifically requested it not be shipped for another week, so the temptation to put it down and do something else for a little while is hard to resist.   

My next order is for a friend, who wants an Irish blanket…but she’s unsure as to what yarn she wants it made with. As of now, it’s either the yarn I use for my Irish baby blankets or the yarn I normally use for my Irish throws. I’m seeing her on Tuesday, when she’ll choose which yarn she prefers. The other day, it occurred to me that if I just knit up a baby blanket, that’d give her a great sense of what a larger blanket made from this yarn would be like – essentially, it’d be a giant swatch that I can list for sale in the shop afterwards. (I find having one or two of those blankets in stock is handy, since I have another customer for whom these blankets are his go-to baby gift…and he practically never remembers to order them in advance…more than once I’ve driven to meet him halfway between his house and mine so he could get the blanket on his way to the baby shower, LOL!) So now I’m casting on for that, in the hopes that I can have it finished by Tuesday morning. I’ll bring that and the one Irish blanket I have in stock to give her a sense of the two very different yarns.   

I have yarn for another project arriving tomorrow…and I can’t wait to knit with it! It’s Anzula For Better or Worsted (a superwash merino/cashmere/nylon blend) that I’m using to knit up two cardigans for toddler flower girls for an Alaskan mountain wedding this June. It’s going to take all of my self-control not to jump these sweaters up ahead in the queue, even though my friend graciously offered to let me do these first.    

And of course, there’s still my Abayomi, which I have neglected the last few days due to feeling guilty about not knitting my shop order faster. All the knitting I have done has gone into the unicorn blanket. But I really want to be spending some time on that, too.   

I guess there’s only one cure…put my head down, and get to work.      

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