Lost Time

Two weeks ago, I decided to do the unthinkable and take a little time for myself (gasp!). I was ahead of schedule on orders, my house was a pig sty, and I reeeaaaallly wanted to start on the Abayomi I’m making myself. So I resolved to take a week to try and get my shit together. At the end of the week, I was happy with the state of my house, and had made some decent progress on my Abayomi.   

Then the universe decided to punish me for…I’m not sure what, exactly. Taking care of myself? Taking care of my family? Cleaning my house?  Sneaking out to the movies during the day to see The Post before the Oscars? I didn’t think these were crimes, but apparently the universe feels differently.   

The day after I got back to work from my break, I started coughing. My friend laughed and said maybe I was allergic to having a clean house. Two days later, I couldn’t get out of bed. Flu. It took five more days before I could really accomplish even the simplest task without needing a nap.    

Then Mother Nature decided that the weather had been too nice here in Massachusetts and threw a Nor’Easter at us. Then another one, which caused us to lose power – and heat – for two days. That was the first time in the 17+ years we have lived here that has ever happened. And today, we have the third Nor’Easter in less than two weeks…and this one was officially declared a blizzard this morning. (Power is still on, thank goodness.)   

As if that all weren’t enough, my dog Paxton got sick on Monday. The vet thinks/hopes it’s colitis, rather than the early stages of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. For the next several days, he isn’t allowed out except on a leash, so we can monitor his pooping. That’s extra fun during a blizzard, let me tell you…especially since this dog is a husky mix, and is happy to stay out in the snow for hours if we let him. I kid you not, I stood outside with him on a leash for over an hour in a blizzard, hoping he would poop. (He didn’t.) The day after the blizzard, Phineas developed colitis, too. They picked up the parasite causing it somewhere in my yard, I’m sure…the vet thinks they may have found/eaten a dead animal. Super.  They’re already recovering, thank goodness…and loving the fact that they are on a diet of chicken and rice until they get better.   

Miraculously, I haven’t fallen behind schedule despite all of these distractions. I always build a little extra time into my order estimates in case I get sick, or something comes up. I just never expected everything to go sideways all at once! I stopped working on my Abayomi to help me get caught up, and I’m looking forward to working on that again once I’m sure things have settled down.   

One last thing for today -- I just started rolling out my new logo on my website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Many thanks to Abbie Burton for her mad graphic design skills…I love the new look!   


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