The WIPs That Time Forgot

Most knitters have those projects in which they lose interest, only to have them slowly molder away in the darkest recesses of a closet. Or a project that becomes so frustrating that it’s put in time out, as if it were an unruly toddler that needs disciplining. (“When you can behave, I’ll take you out and knit you again…but until then, young lady, you stay there and think about what you did!”)  When I set out my knitting goals for this year, I listed among them my desire to finish my outstanding WIPs, and spelled out what I thought was a complete list. Turns out, I forgot a couple -- because they’re so old, they pre-date my Ravelry account.  As a result, they don’t stare me in the face every time I jump to my Ravelry Projects page like the others do. These projects are so neglected that whenever I come across them, it feels something like running into an old boyfriend.  Back when I first started these projects, they were exciting and full of promise.  Now when I see them, I'm overcome with feelings of frustration and annoyance.

A couple of years ago – when I still had long periods of time during the year without orders to work on – I decided to make a blanket for myself.  One night, while desultorily swiping through the Pinterest app, I came across the Quilt and Cable blanket pattern. Since it uses my favorite Cascade Ecological Wool, I was immediately sold. The pattern is made entirely of wheat sheaves cables, and looked especially striking in the Pinterest picture. I ordered a pretty heathered purple Eco +, and brought the yarn with me on vacation for rainy day knitting. (Turns out, it was great to have that project along, because the weather was especially crappy that year.) However, after a couple of days of knit 2/purl 2, I was about to throw the entire project in the lake. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find endless rows of K2/P2 to be a soul-sucking experience (hence why I still haven’t finished the socks for my husband I started two months ago…8” of K2/P2 cuffs on each. Oy.). When I got home from the lake, the project was put in knitting jail, where it waits to this day. I’m never going to finish it, and I have given myself permission to tear it all out and make myself something I’ll enjoy knitting instead. Except I’m having a hard time bringing myself to pull out all of those hours of ribbing. I’ve now made my friend swear to help me do it next time she comes over, to make sure I follow through.   

Next up is a puzzle pieces blanket I started for my son while I was recovering from foot surgery. It’s a great project for using up random bits of worsted-weight yarn (of which I have a metric ton). My son wanted a twin-sized blanket to put on his bed, for which I calculated I would need 104 pieces – 4 corner pieces, 17 edge A pieces, 17 edge B pieces, and 66 pieces for the middle. I got about 40 pieces in when the thought of having to sew all of those pieces together started giving me an ulcer. The project got stuffed into a bag beside my favorite knitting chair, where is sits to this day, underneath a bunch of baby alpaca yarn I got on clearance when my local yarn store closed a couple of years ago. Now that my son is 14, I’m guessing the puzzle blanket doesn’t hold the same appeal that it did when he was 9. If he doesn't want it anymore, maybe I can take what I have and make a throw sized blanket out of it, and donate it to my friend’s annual autism research fundraiser.   

Finally, and most embarrassingly, is my son’s baby blanket. Did I mention he’s 14? It’s a super cute checkerboard pattern with little giraffes in some of the squares, from an old Vogue Knitting baby blanket book. At some point, I realized that I didn’t have enough of the Classic Elite Egyptian cotton yarn I’d chosen to finish it. I’d bought the yarn at Putting on the Knitz in West Newton, which was an hour’s drive from my house…and I just didn’t have it in me to make the trip to get more. The entire project and my favorite Vera Bradley chicken-and-egg print knitting bag holding the project were exiled to my closet, where they reside to this day.  (I guess my self-inflicted punishment for not finishing the blanket was to not use the bag.) At this point, maybe I should just say that it’ll be for his kids…and suddenly, instead of being 15 years behind schedule, I’m 15 years ahead of schedule. Yay, me!

I guess since I resolved to finish all of my outstanding WIPs in 2018, I ought to add these to the list, right?  Sigh.  Fine...I'll see what I can do.


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