Baby, It's Cold Outside

So, Massachusetts is having its worst cold snap in a hundred years.  It's flipping FREEZING.  And to add insult to injury, we're supposedly getting a huge snowstorm tomorrow...something along the lines of 12-15" of snow is predicted, along with severe winds.  In other words, a blizzard is on the way.  

For most people -- okay, not gonna lie, me included -- this means a raid on the grocery store for enough provisions to last a week.  (Why?  I mean, our road crews around here are amazing.  I'll be able to get to the store on Friday if I want to why do we all act as if the apocalypse is coming and rush out to get ALL THE BREAD AND MILK?)  But because I'm me, this also made me think of knitting.  Specifically, of the Cascade Pacific Bulky yarn I have left over from my Unicorn Hooded Blanket.

This yarn's siren song has been barely audible from my basement for weeks now, muffled as it is by the cardboard box it resides in, as well as the avalanche of other yarn containers hemming it in.  But last night, as the forecast became more and more dire, the yarn was practically screaming to me to come get it and turn it into a winter hat.  What could I do?  It wouldn't be polite to ignore yarn that desperate for attention.

I'd been kicking around a design in my head for the last couple of weeks.  I knew I wanted a simple snowflake design that would look great with the white and silver yarns in the box.  Plus, right before Christmas, I dropped by Merrimack Yarn and bought myself a couple of pom poms (one faux, one raccoon...yeah, PETA probably hates me...whatever) -- one of those would go perfectly with this hat.  

Having just finished the first of two Murphy Irish Throw Blankets for a customer even faster than I'd anticipated, I figured I could take a little break for myself to make myself a cute hat to keep me warm during the blizzard.  Reminding myself of the gauge of this yarn, I opened up my PatternCraft app, sketched out a quick snowflake pattern that would divide evenly over 48 stitches.  Then I grabbed my needle and cast on.  The hat was done in 90 minutes...not bad.  Even better, the pom pom snaps into place -- no sewing.  Bonus!

The pattern is typed up and just about ready to be posted on Ravelry.  It'll go up in the next day or two -- I might want to test it out one more time, just to see if it works.  The pattern only does one size right now...big.  Because I made it for me, and I have a giant head.  (Finished size is 21" head is 23".  I've got a huge melon.)  Once it's available, I'll let folks know via Instagram and Facebook (links below).  **UPDATE: pattern is now live!

Enjoy the snow day, everyone!


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